a Boudoir Era

My most recent adventure of style and design was at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Hotel.  A booming trend in Weddings and Photgraphy is the Boudoir Photography Session.  A bride may have this session as a wedding gift to present to her husband, or a wife may do this as an anniversary gift for her husband of many or few years.  What I love about this is that it is truly just meant for his eyes only and meant to be an intimate, romantic gesture.  We had makeup artist, Lindsey Kirkland, Lulu Makeup, and hair stylist, Nicole Werner, and of course, the beyond talented, ingenious wedding photographer, Shipra Panosian, my fashion savy friend, Cathy Hayes and myself, as our team!!!!  What an amazing day.  What I am sharing was with permission and not just for "Husband's Eyes Only".  The rest we will leave for them only!




Shipra is now booking boudoir sessions!

Shipra Panosian Photography, Photographer
Lindsey Kirkland, Makeup Artist
Nicole Werner, Hair Stylist
Cathy Hayes, Fashion Columnist
Trisha Weinreich, Photography/Event Stylist
and a HUGE THANK YOU TO the. . . .
Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Orlando

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