Late December back in '63. . . .

Photograph by Bethany Nelson Photography
One of the most enjoyable things I love about the Holidays are the social gatherings of co-workers, friends, family and even strangers.  This year, my employer, "the firm" hosted a Christmas party themed Martini Madness, late December back in '63.  Okay, yes, I had a hand in it because yes I love all things vintage.
First, I had to research my inspiration for what look I wanted to go with.  Early 60's is much different a look than late 60's.  Early 60's still has the '50's feel.  You had wiggle dresses, which were like a sheath but had more of a pleat at the waist line and then fitted along the hips.  You also had the fitted bodice with the full skirt.  Very feminine and flattering on most women.  The late 60's went more into the mod movement and dresses become shorter, with the unflattering trapeze shape.  Unless you were tall with great legs, you looked like a dunce in the corner in a paper bag.  Yes, that is harsh however, always dress in what is flattering on your body type and not necessarily what is the latest trend. 

Next, the hunt!  I researched every boutique store, website, department store website, ebay, and etsy store.  There are great dresses out there old and new that completely fit the early '60's look.  A lot of this is due to the popular Mad Men series as well.  I found some great dresses at what most would call great prices, ie. $39.99 plus shipping and handling.  However, I have a problem with mail order.  I can't try it on until after I order and purchase it.  If it didn't work, what would I do?  In this day of economical woes, $50 on a dress I may or may not wear again just made me cringe. 

On a whim, I ran into the Goodwill on my home.  I quickly scanned through every dress and grabbed at least five to try on.  At my local Goodwill, the "better quality" dresses are on average $10.83.  I don't know where they get there "83 cents" from.  Nothing fit!  It was either too big or too tight or too short or just looked hideous.  I quickly walked over to the rolling racks which featured "just in" clothing.  Quickly shoving hanger after hanger over to the next potential.  I glanced down and saw a small accordian pleated black chiffon fabric.  My eyes followed the fabric up the dress and I pushed aside all others and there was THE DRESS. . . . . . .

This originally had long chiffon sleeves that were also pleated and sheert but I seam ripped them off before I took the photograph.  Ugly right?!

Here you can see the front of the peplum waist has a very 80's bow.  That is because this dress is from the 80's! 
It's called 80's does 60's. 

My edits to the dress conisisted of hemming it to my knee length as it was currently almost to my ankles.  I also decided to take off the peplum waistline.  Even though it is in style now and in the 60's I made the decision based on my figure and since I am so short waisted it would be flattering without it.  I then used a black patent skinny belt and topped it off with a beehive hairdo, some black satin pumps, and vintage black gloves.  And the rest, as we know, is history. . .

What a night!  So fun!!

Dress: Vintage, Goodwill, $5.83
Gloves:  Vintage
Hair:  by Nicole Tinkman
Shoes:  Mine
Black Skinney Belt:  Thrifted, $1.00
Brooch:  vintage
Men's tie:  Calvin Klein Skinny Tie, Marshalls
Pants:  Kenneth Cole, Marshalls
Fedora:  No lable, Ross
Snapshots:  Dress before and after by me
Professional Photography:  Bethany Nelson Photography


a Boudoir Era

My most recent adventure of style and design was at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Hotel.  A booming trend in Weddings and Photgraphy is the Boudoir Photography Session.  A bride may have this session as a wedding gift to present to her husband, or a wife may do this as an anniversary gift for her husband of many or few years.  What I love about this is that it is truly just meant for his eyes only and meant to be an intimate, romantic gesture.  We had makeup artist, Lindsey Kirkland, Lulu Makeup, and hair stylist, Nicole Werner, and of course, the beyond talented, ingenious wedding photographer, Shipra Panosian, my fashion savy friend, Cathy Hayes and myself, as our team!!!!  What an amazing day.  What I am sharing was with permission and not just for "Husband's Eyes Only".  The rest we will leave for them only!




Shipra is now booking boudoir sessions!

Shipra Panosian Photography, Photographer
Lindsey Kirkland, Makeup Artist
Nicole Werner, Hair Stylist
Cathy Hayes, Fashion Columnist
Trisha Weinreich, Photography/Event Stylist
and a HUGE THANK YOU TO the. . . .
Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Orlando


A Styled Shoot

Photography sessions have evolved over the years of my life span.  I remember the days when a photographer came to your home, set up the screen back drop, stacked some wood blocks with a faux shearling fabric over them, and there you sat and posed, right in the comfort of your own living room. 

Present day photography sessions are now anywhere, anytime, and the art of possibility is endless.  My first shoot I truly "styled" was my own family shoot.  I will share that at a later time.  Today, however, I want to share my first styled photography event, an engagement session, with Chris and Christine and the ever talented wedding photographer, Shipra Panosian

This couple had their venue selected for the shoot, Maitland Art Center, but weren't quite sure what they wanted to do.  They told me they loved to travel and visit art museums.  They also loved photography.  Most sessions have two wardrobe changes.  I recommend one casual and one a little more formal.  Today, I share the formal setting wherein we created an "outdoor gallery reception". 

Location Maitland Art Center, Maitland, Florida
Wrought Iron Easels by Badcock Home Furniture & more, Lakeland, Florida
Floral Oil Painting and Wood Carved Easel by Munchel Brothers Jewelry and Coin Exchange, Lakeland, Florida
Red Ottoman, my own
Wine Glasses found at Goodwill for $2 each

Thank you to the vendors for allowing me to showcase their goods!  And a great big thank you to Shipra for giving me the art of opportunity!


Ready or not, Here I come!

Some, if not many, have told me I was born out of my time.  I should have been born 100 years earlier.  Case in point, just starting a blog in January 2012!!!  What has taken me the majority of my day, may have only taken a few hours for most of my friends and technological gurus.  However, as many have told me about my many races I have participated in:  "It doesn't matter how long it takes to finish, what matters is that you are doing it!"  So here I am!

My passion is styling and designing, however, not just clothing and accessories. . . . . but photography!!  More to come.  Stay tuned . . . . . . .